About Us

Our Name

/ alfə – bæit / 

This is the essence behind our name “Alphabait“. The term “Alpha,” derived from Greek origin, signifies “First,” while “Bait,” which is of  Arabic origin, translates to “home.” Alphabait beautifully blends these linguistic influences, embodying the spirit of distinction and superiority within the real estate domain. It encapsulates the very best – representing prime, superior, and exceptional residential properties that are synonymous with excellence and exclusivity.

Our story

Alphabait Realty is a premium real estate development firm specializing in residential and multi-use projects designed by incredible artistry and impeccable architecture. As an epoch-making entity we aim to create a portfolio of high value properties for our client base while offering profitable investment opportunities to the general public. Managed by professionals with decades of experience in the real estate sector,  the company began operations in September 2022 with its headquarters in the Federal Capital Territory.

Alphabait was born out of  passion to provide creative and sustainable housing solutions with a focus on design excellence, building innovation and exceptional quality construction. We partner with top firms, architects, engineers, interior designers, general contractors and financial corporations to bring this vision to life. At the heart of Alphabait’s operations is the need for proficient execution and clear-cut communication at every stage of the development process. This enables us acquire, finance, develop, market and manage Alphabait’s iconic projects from conceptualization to completion. As a customer-centric firm, our residences are carefully and tastefully crafted for the ideal client whose refined taste inspires us to continually develope compelling premium and luxury properties that build and shape a distinctive, enriching and aspirational way of life



To become Africa’s leading, most valued and preferred choice for real estate development and investment


To offer our clients properties of lasting and high value by setting a recognized standard for innovation while infusing the latest use of technology

Our Core Values

We conduct our business with strong SYNERGY as a Team and have unreserved PASSION and INTEGRITY, thereby creating RESILIENCE to deliver top quality work through constant INNOVATION to meet the ever unique expectations and lifestyle of our Customers.

Synergy: We collaborate as a team to deliver top quality work to exceed the expectations of our clients, Teamwork is in our DNA.

Passion: We derive energy in what we do thereby instilling motivation to work harder to deliver top notch services to our Clients. We love doing what we do and always envisage the end results – Customer Satisfaction.

Intergrity: We are reliable and accountable for our actions and results. We value honesty and openness in what we do and how we treat our stakeholders.

Resilience: We have faith, determination and willingness to cross all hurdles thereby taking any setback as an opportunity to forge further.

Innovation: We conceptualize new ideas and nurture them to create new ways of doing things consistently.

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